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BS-2 Dividing Head 

Ref: BS-2 Dividing Head

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The Universal Index Centre has been designed to carry out all types of gear cutting, precision dividing and spiral work with greater precision and efficiency. The centre face can be tilted from 90º horizontal position through -10° from vertical, inclinations can be read from a scale graduated in degrees. The centre is built to the highest engineering standards.


  • Built for all types of gear cutting

  • Hardened and ground spindle

  • Improved design with spindle spigot nose for a more accurate chuck mount

  • Worm is hardened and ground with ratio between worm and worm wheel 40:1

  • Direct indexing designed for quick divisions of No’s 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 & 24

  • The head can be swivelled from 10º below horizontal to 90º vertical

  • Slotted base on dividing head & tailstock for use with key steel to align quickly on machine


  • 3 jaw chuck

  • Backing plate suits 130mm front mount

  • Direct Indexing Plate with 24 notches

  • Indirect Indexing Plate with 18 holes 15-49

  • Tailstock

  • 12 change gears for differential and spiral milling

  • Change gear quadrant and two bolts

  • Flange plate

  • Test Certificate

  • Operating instructions, Indirect dividing table, differential dividing table and spiral milling table




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